Reheat Pizza the right way with a Reheatza!


Wondering how to get that day old pizza back to life? I introduce to you the Reheatza, with its uniqiue design will allow you to reheat pizza flawlessly. So if you ever wonder how to reheat pizza to greatness, search no more and pick up a Reheatza!

how to reheat pizza
Fits comfortably 2 large slices for the best way to reheat pizza with ease!
how to reheat pizza
Wondering how to reheat pizza? This Reheatza gizmo works like a grill as it circulates heat all over your pizza. Bring that pizza back to life with this cool kitchen gizmo!
how to reheat pizza in oven
The Reheatza microwave crisper not only re-hydrates pizza, but it also cooks and reheats other food perfectly as well
best way to reheat food
how to reheat chicken
This gizmo is made from nonstick material and is so easy to clean.
how to clean pan

how to reheat pizza
Check out the video to see the Reheatza in action!